Bold Venture Partners is a UC Berkeley based organization dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial experience of underrepresented students. We believe that in order to create awesome products, technology and businesses it takes an amazing and diverse community. On Berkeley's campus, and in the surrounding entrepreneurial ecosystems, Black, Latinx and other minority entrepreneurs tend to fall through the cracks. Bold Venture Partners is working to fill that gap. We're building a community of creators, operators, investors, and mentors who share a passion for entrepreneurship and uplifting their community. 



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Divinee Chidume

Microsoft AI

" I founded Bold Ventures Partners to create the community and opportunities that I sought as a Freshman. We designed Bold to be a bridge between our entrepreneurial Black & Latinx students, alumni and the greater Silicon Valley "
"  I founded Bold Ventures Partners to use my technical expertise to support Black and LatinX founders in their entrepreneurial journeys.  The work that I do and the impact that I make is fueled by my passion for closing the gaps in Silicon Valley" 

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Why Bold Venture Partners

We are just one a piece of the puzzle.  Check out a few of the reasons why we are dedicated to our mission 


Deconstructing the Pipeline Myth

" Investing in diverse teams is more than just morally and socially necessary - it makes financial sense "

Underestimated Talent

We know that there is strong talent in our community which often goes overlooked

Insulated Networks 

The strongest networks are often closed and don't include our community 

Strong Investment 

An investment in diverse entrepreneurs and innovators is a winning strategy. 

We are proud to have an awesome group of partners, sponsors, speakers and mentors in our corner


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Our Partners

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